The fifth of twelve people, men and women, all of whom in their various ways work with food and all of whom are passionate about what they do. It's a truism to say there has been a revolution in food - but these twelve have all taken fresh approaches: all have a sense of rootedness and authenticity. It was a great pleasure meeting all of them: from the lovely Jeremy Lee working in a down-to-earth way at his grand and history-imbued Quo Vadis to the three artisan producers at Spa Terminus: extraordinary people working enormously hard at what they love. Our great thanks to them all.

Jane Scotter farms Fern Verrow, a 16 acre biodynamic holding in the foothills of the Black Mountains, producing seasonal vegetables, fruit, flowers, herbs and meat. Every Friday Jane hand picks the best of what she has, packs it with great care in her van and drives through the early dawn to Spa Terminus. In the early morning she lays out her stall - with an attention bordering on love. It looks beautiful, entirely fresh, wholly good. As soon as she opens, those in the know come flocking to procure their week's worth. Her produce is wonderful, flavour beyond what one imagines possible from what we mistakenly think as everyday English vegetables.

Photography by Neil Gavin.

View the women's autumn winter 2013 collection here.

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