Johnny Flynn is an actor, poet, musician and songwriter of extraordinary (but in no way boastful) talent.

Most recently he has played Lady Anne and Viola respectively in Mark Rylance's all-male productions of Richard III and Twelfth Night - long and very successful runs, first at The Globe and then at The Apollo. His band Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit released their first album A Larum in 2008, catching the revived interest in folk at just the right moment; their second album, Been Listening, was released in 2010: their third will be released this summer.

Last year Johnny wrote and recorded the soundtrack for off-the-wall American comedy A Bag of Hammers. He'll return to the stage at the Royal Court this May in Bruce Norris's The Low Road, a fable of free market economics and cut-throat capitalism.

In person Johnny is quiet, self effacing, watchful; on stage, something altogether else - and always worth catching. He was born and brought up in Pembrokeshire and now lives in London with his wife Bea and son Gabriel.

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