Andrea Roman Incense Holder

CAD 60.00
Size: One Size

Hand thrown black clay. Unglazed with a raw, textured finish. Lipped plate to catch the falling incense as it slowly burns. Andrea Roman is based in London, and is drawn to the tactile and versatile nature of clay. She creates functional pieces that are characterised by their raw forms.


Brush clean. Stoneware.
Made in the UK.
Approx. D 8.5cm.

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Workspace | Andrea Roman Ceramics

“I mainly work with stoneware clay sourced from Staffordshire in the UK adding molochite, iron or sand to create different textures and finishes. I like to mix different shades of clay together to generate a marbling effect resembling distant landscapes of sedimented formations. I love how tactile the clay can be and it's very important for me to highlight the attractive qualities of the clay bodies I work with, always leaving a large portion of the surface untouched by glaze.”

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