Emily Nixon Jewellery

Emily Nixon creates sculptural jewellery using the traditional lost-wax casting process. She lives and works in Cornwall and uses pebbles and seaweed, collected from the Penzance tide line, as her tools. Each piece organically twists and folds, capturing the raw texture of the ragged sea landscapes.

Emily Nixon Silver Bangle Set

CAD 595.00
Size: S/M

Sculptural set of three sterling silver bangles by Emily Nixon. Handcrafted in Cornwall using the lost wax-casting method, where metal is poured into a mould made from a wax model. Each has a textured surface inspired by rocks, urchins and cockle shells.


Recycled silver.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Internal diameter: S/M 60mm. M/L 65mm.

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Shapes of the Sea | Emily Nixon Jewellery

With the sun slowly rising behind St. Michael's Mount, Emily gathers her tools and materials that have been washed up on the tideline; ribbons of kelp, worn and weathered pieces of driftwood and twisted coils of seaweed with tactile edges. "The kelp ribbons can be over a metre long sometimes," Emily says, fixated over the frills and silkiness, "I have them everywhere, my car is full of them!"

It is these natural knots, folds and dinks that form the starting point of Emily's jewellery. Torn ends of kelp and knobs of seaweed are transported by the bag-load to her loft studio in Hayle, where each piece is ordered and hung up above her old wooden desk to dry. "I love these dried-up, gnarly bits that appear on the beach after a storm," Emily describes, whilst observing a tangled, root-like growth. "Like this holdfast, for example. It is the bit of the seaweed that attaches and anchors itself to the rock. The roots are the most beautiful bit.

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