Grace McCarthy Pottery

Based in east London, potter Grace McCarthy is interested in the relationships we form with everyday objects and uses simplicity to draw focus to the firing process. She creates pieces with earthy colours, mottled speckled surfaces and dynamic brushstroke patterns, making each unique.

Grace McCarthy Wide Candle Holder

CAD 70.00
Size: One Size

Stoneware candle holder hand-thrown by potter Grace McCarthy, who is based in east London. Shaped with a flared top, tapering inwards before widening again at the base, and reduction-fired for rich, earthy colours and a mottled, speckled surface. Each varies slightly in shape and pattern. The candle holder fits our English Beeswax Stubby Candles.


Hand wash. Stoneware.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Approx H 7cm x W 7.5cm.

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