Hand Tufted Remnants Pouch

CAD 460.00 CAD 235.00
Size: One Size

This season, we have collaborated with London-based weaver Maria Sigma and leather craftsperson Candice Lau. Using yarns leftover from TOAST production and from Maria’s previous projects, the curved, handled pouch is made by hand in small runs. Offcuts of Italian veg-tanned leather from Candice’s London-based studio will form the base of each pouch, with recycled cotton and rug wool yarns used to create a colourful, textural and geometric tufted facade. Zip closure. The same colour yarns are used for each bag, but every piece is unique with varying patterns.


Veg tanned leather. Hand tufted remnant wool and cashmere yarns, recycled cotton and rug wool yarns.
Made in the United Kingdom.
L 21cm x W 16cm x D 2.5cm.

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Woven from Waste | Maria Sigma & Candice Lau

When she was growing up, Athens-born weaver Maria Sigma would spend the school holidays with her maternal grandparents on the island of Andros. Nowadays, she draws boundless inspiration from the island’s smiling coves, with their clear waters and clusters of white-washed Cycladic houses, but at the time she was “quite bored, and always looking for ways to pass the time, like drawing, painting and crochet.”

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