Kelsey Rose Dawson Ceramics

Stoneware vessels and wild clay vessels made by Kelsey Rose Dawson from her studio in Ontario, Canada. Kelsey takes her inspiration from the evolving landscapes, sometimes digging her own clay from the Canadian lakesides.

Kelsey Rose Dawson Survey Vessel

CAD 200.00
Size: One Size

Stoneware vessel with a central opening and two small handles - inspired by the traditional ceramics of Ancient Greece and Rome. Hand-moulded, glazed and finished by Kelsey Rose Dawson from her Ontario-based studio. Kelsey takes much of her inspiration from the evolving landscapes in Ontario to make her vessels. The geographical coordinates of her clay findings inspire her grid-like glazes patterns, whilst her training in architecture informs her research into site, location and history.

Read more about Kelsey Rose Dawson's process in our Magazine.

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Stoneware Clay.
Made in Canada.
10.16cm x 10.16cm x 15.24cm.
This item was made entirely by hand. Being handmade, no two will be the same. There will be small, pleasing imperfections and irregularities in each piece.

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