Netherton Foundry Iron Loaf Tin

CAD 65.00
Size: One Size

Weighty and durable 2 pound iron loaf tin, to make a medium-sized sandwich loaf. Made by hand by Netherton Foundry - a small Shropshire-based foundry creating cast and spun black iron for kitchens and the outdoors.

Seasoned with flax oil that has been grown and harvested in West Sussex, giving a hard finish and lovely patina to the iron and allowing the loaf to release with ease. Suitable for all oven types including ranges, electric, gas and wood-fired.


Simply wash in hot water, without any soap or detergent and dry in the oven on a low heat. Over time, the iron can be seasoned again easily at home. To season, use a thin layer of oil, applying it with a cotton cloth, and place in a hot oven for an hour.
99.1% pure iron.
Made in the United Kingdom.
L 28cm x W 16cm x H 8.2cm.

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