Sally Lacock Jewellery

London-based jeweller Sally Lacock considers botanical growth and renewal to create delicate jewellery. She makes seed-like charms using recycled sterling silver, melting down and reusing remnants from the process to reduce waste.

Sally Lacock Seed Shell Earrings

CAD 265.00
Size: One Size

London-based jeweller Sally Lacock uses recycled sterling silver to create these Seed Shell stud earrings, which draw on botanical themes of growth, with a focus on renewal. Shaped with concave studs with 24kt gold-plated centres, then finished with post-back fastenings.


Recycled 925 silver, 24kt gold plating. Store in bag to avoid moisture. To remove a build up of tarnish gently clean with a silver polishing cloth.
Made in the United Kingdom.
Approx. 7mm diameter.

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In the Studio with Sally Lacock

In her home in east London, jeweller Sally Lacock has carved out a serene studio space. It used to be a lodger's bedroom, but has now been reclaimed as a peaceful place of creativity, looking out onto the garden. It’s remarkably tidy. A linen-covered board is punctuated by tiny fragments of branches, unfurling wood shavings, shells buffeted by the sea, found images, and strings of vintage glass beads. Each is arranged with precision and darted with a slender pin, held indefinitely, preserved in a moment in time. 

Tools are lined up, rows of hammers collected from antique fairs and markets, ready to be used by Sally to make her jewellery. Each piece – all crafted from sterling silver, some with 24kt gold-plated accents – is inspired by the idea of capturing natural objects suspended in time. “I want to capture fleeting moments in the cycle of nature,” Sally explains. “I’m interested in growth and decay, the dichotomy of strength and fragility.”

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