Silk Velvet Jumpsuit

CAD 680.00
Rich Olive
Size: 6

Our jumpsuit is crafted from soft velvet, with lustrous silk fibres reflecting the light. Cut to a relaxed shape with a soft cuban collar and bracelet-length sleeves, then accented by mother-of-pearl buttons.

Silk-blend velvet. Cuban collar. Bracelet-length sleeves. Side pockets. Mother-of-pearl buttons.


Do not wash. Dry clean if preferred. Body: 80% viscose, 20% silk. Facings: 100% viscose.
Made in China.
The fibres of this item are delicate. Please do not iron directly. We recommend you steam inside out to remove creases. Water or liquid stains will damage the pile. Please shake moisture off rather than blot stains and leave to dry naturally.

Size & Fit

Regular fit. Length: Crop. Sleeves: Bracelet length.Bodice length for size 12 is 44.3cm, outside leg length is 90cm.

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Velvet Care Guide

Velvet is a soft, luxurious fabric that is thought to have originated in the East during the Middle Ages.

Velvet was traditionally woven from silk, enhancing its trademark lustre. It can also be made from cotton, wool and viscose, each resulting in a slightly different texture and sheen. Often, one type of yarn is used for the back, and another for the front, known as the pile. The raised loops and tufts of yarn are perfectly distributed to give the fabric a luxurious density and distinctive feel.

At TOAST we like velvet for its sumptuous and soft feel, and for it's soft shine that catches the light.

How to wash

When your velvet requires cleaning, we recommend to dry clean. This will protect the fabric finish as well as the interior structure of the garment.

You can freshen your velvet garment by using steam, or leaving in a steamy bathroom. This will help remove odours, lift the pile if it has been crushed, and remove creases. Always steam your velvet garments inside out and allow to air dry at room temperature.

How to dry & store

Velvet should always be hung, not folded. Folding will leave creases that are difficult to remove. Use a sturdy, preferably padded, hanger to prevent shoulder marks and avoid sagging.

For long-term storage, always use a breathable, washable fabric storage bag.