Triangle Patchwork Cotton Quilt

CAD 630.00
Size: One Size

Soft quilt, intricately patchworked with triangles. Crafted from cotton and hand-dyed, handwoven striped ikat, then quilted with neat rows of kantha stitching by hand. With a cotton voile reverse and cotton wadding.


Dry clean only. Outer: 100% cotton. Wadding: 100% cotton.
Made in India.
An age-old and complex technique of patterning cloth, whereby the pattern is pre-determined by tie-dyeing the yarn prior to weaving. The characteristic haziness of the pattern that emerges is a pleasing result of this hand process.
140 x 220cm.

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Handwoven Ikat | The Process

To create the ikat fabric used in this piece, weavers work under master artisan Bikshapati Kolaan in the village of Yellanki in Andhra Pradesh, south-east India. Following the path of his father, he has been weaving for over 40 years and now passes down his expertise to his son. As the owner of GO Sujathaa Handlooms (formerly Shri Surya Handlooms), Bikshapati trains local people in the art of handweaving. He has been creating ikat fabrics for TOAST alongside them since 2019.  

The cotton yarns are carefully bound together before being dipped in dye – the areas which are tightly wrapped are protected from the colour, creating unique patterns. Then, the dyed yarn is woven on traditional handlooms. This process puts less pressure on the fibres than mechanised processes, resulting in a soft fabric.