Wax Atelier

Hand dipped candles and waxed linen food wraps made in East London by Wax Atelier. Naturally coloured and made in small batches using traditional candle-making techniques.

Wax Atelier Beeswax Dinner Candles

CAD 34.00
Size: One Size

Hand-dipped pair of dinner candles in pure beeswax with an organic cotton wick. For the dinner table or as you will. Naturally coloured and scented using green tea, madder and rose. Founded in 2017 in east London, Wax Atelier produces small batches of hand-dipped candles and hand-waxed food wraps. Wax Atelier has a cooperative working model, an initiative that supports members of the local community, providing mentorship and employment whilst keeping the skills of traditional wax candle-making alive. Natural colour variations to each.


100% pure beeswax, organic cotton wick.
Made in the United Kingdom.
H 20cm x 2.3cm at base.

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A Natural Colour Story with Wax Atelier

It seems romantic to think of a time where many wealthy households and churches had their very own chandlery. Long before electricity, these small yet crucial rooms would be closely guarded by a chandler and used solely to make and store candles, providing a constant source of light. Looking out of Wax Atelier’s workshop window in Barking, East London, it feels like a serendipitous coincidence that the building next door is, infact, a church. With dipping racks hanging from the ceiling and large vats of wax slowly bubbling away, the workshop is home to contemporary chandlers Lola Lely and Yesenia Thibault-Picazo.

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