Each month we will be asking one of our designers to pick something from the collection which they have designed.Our Summer 2015 collection is full of painterly prints from dashes of phthalo blue to broad brush-strokes of vermillion all paintedby our print designer, Kirsty. Here shediscusses her favourite piece, and the inspiration behind it.

Which item have you chosen to wear?

I have chosen to wear the Medee top.This is a bold print and is perfect for summer, home or away. I love the colour combination and texture of the artwork, as well as the the fabric - a light weight natural linen that feels cool to wear.

Medee Top £95

What are your memories of designing this piece?

The brief for this project was open, which gave me the freedom to create a hand painted print collection with little boundaries.

I had been looking at old photographs ofAmerican painterHelen Frankenthalerin her studio, surrounded by her art. The colours and looseness of her artwork made an impression on me and so, in the hope of capturing some of that energy, I set up a studio in my small flat and spent the day painting, mark making, experimenting with colour and generally making a mess.

I painted a number of artworks, collaging and over painting, until I had achieved the effect I had hoped for.

What is your favourite music to design to?

Idon't have a favourite, it really depends on whatI'm working on but the sun is out, so I'm currently listening to Marcos Valle- Estrela.

A recommendation for spring...

Book - Women in Clothes from Penguin.

My spring recommendation is a book titledWomen in Clothes by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton. I have been reading this book in bitesize pieces over the last few weeks, it is a lovely go to and switch off when I have a free half hour, or on a Saturday morning. It is a collection of interviews, conversations, essays and photographs from over 600 women from around the world, all on the subject of their relationship with clothes. It also makes a beautiful book for the coffee table!

Medee Dress - £135.

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