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Thread Counts | An interview with textile repair artist Molly Martin

Nell Card speaks to the London-based illustrator and author of The Art of Repair.

1 day ago
Rhythm in the Repetition | An interview with filmmaker Tamar Barnoon

Examining the internal struggle of daily tasks through dance in Scenes at Sunset Ave.

12 days ago
Charlotte Perriand: The Modern Life at the Design Museum

A look at the pioneering life of the trailblazing female designer of the 20th Century.

20 days ago
TOAST Podcast | Series 5 | Rhythm

For our fifth podcast series, we look to the theme of Rhythm, how it forms us, how we carry it and where it can lead us. 

1 month ago
Little Symphonies | The Rhythmic Harmony of Flower Paintings

Olivia Meehan reflects on the sonic quality of floral arrangements in art.

1 month ago
In the Studio with Mimi Robson

The Cornwall-based artist creating sweeping brushworks for our shop windows.

2 months ago
In the Studio with Michelle Thompson

Chloë Ashby interviews the artist using collage to reflect timely, contemporary themes.

2 months ago
Lines of Beauty | In the Studio with Meg Rodger

In marks and in solargraphs, the Hebridean artist captures the shifting elements of island life.

3 months ago
Rhythm | Artistic Interpretations

The winning competition entries in response to our seasonal theme of Rhythm. 

3 months ago
Tracing the History of Gestural Brushwork

Fiorella Valdesolo reflects on the art of calligraphy through the ages.  

3 months ago
In the Studio with Rosalind Wyatt

The London-based textile artist using stitch as language.

3 months ago
Artist and synesthete Jack Coulter on painting simulations of sound

In the studio with the Northern Irish artist. 

3 months ago
Painting Women into a Limitless Space | In the Studio with Sungi Mlengeya

Chloë Ashby interviews the Tanzanian artist empowering women through paint.

3 months ago
In the Library with Tatter Blue | Time to Make

The Brooklyn-based library dedicated to the history of textiles.

4 months ago
Easy Mends by Emily Settle | Time to Make

A simple guide to two textile mends by repair specialist Emily Settle.

5 months ago
Material Issues

The Textile Stories of Artist Natasha Kerr.

5 months ago
A Curator's View | Kunstmuseum Den Haag

Yasmijn Jarram explores the relevance of contemporary art and its relation to society.

6 months ago
Emma Straub of Books are Magic | TOAST Insider

The American novelist and bookstore owner on running an independent business with community at its heart.

6 months ago
In the Studio with Eileen Cooper

Chlo Ashby talks to the celebrated British artist, known for her figurative paintings of monumental, mythic women.

7 months ago
Painting the Weightless and Undiluted Vitality of Open Water

Emily Ponsonby captures female forms submerged in the greenish-blue depths of water.

7 months ago
Marieke Verdenius of The Gatherists | Meet the Founder

Marieke on her journey, the meaning of gathering and tips for dressing a winter table.

7 months ago
Alphabet Wrapping Paper with Rachel Hazell | Time to Make

A guide by Rachel Hazell for making bespoke wrapping paper.

7 months ago
In the Studio with Prudence Flint

Chlo Ashby talks to the Australian artist about her work painting strong female characters.

8 months ago
Objects of Meaning | Ekta Kaul

The textile works of Ekta Kaul are intricately embroidered objects of place and belonging.

8 months ago