Making & Craft

Inside the studios of makers, from potters and weavers to jewellers and brushmakers. Visiting the factories of our suppliers, discovering mending techniques and exploring the history of craft.
Supporting Local Farming at British Wool

Mountains of fleece bales fill the British Wool depot in Bradford, and it’s hard to...

24 days ago
Going Against the Grain at Bleu de Chauffe

Creating vegetable-tanned leather bags and accessories in Millau, France.

1 month ago
Essential Forms with Matt Pasmore of Willow Pottery

Creating clean-lined, traditional pieces from terracotta clay in Bath.

2 months ago
Estelle Bourdet | New Makers

The weaver on repurposing materials to create striking textiles and bags in Norway.

4 months ago
Exploring Natural Forms with Ceramicist Rebecca Williams

We meet the potter along the Emsworth shoreline as she gathers driftwood for the handles of her spoons.

4 months ago
Poppy Fuller Abbott | New Makers

The Brighton-based weaver creates handwoven wall hangings using natural dyes.

6 months ago
Enduring Appeal | Our Repair Specialists Make New by Mending

We speak to our in-house repair specialists, learning their process for creative renewal.

6 months ago
Hiroko Aono-Billson | New Makers

The Norwich-based potter on her honey-glazed ceramics.

6 months ago
Ewan Craig | New Makers

The St Albans-based woodworker hand-carving sculptural and functional pieces. 

7 months ago
Meet our 2023 New Makers | Emerging Craft

Celebrating and supporting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

7 months ago
TOAST Circle | A Glossary of Mending Techniques

We share the methods our in-house team of repair specialists use to mend garments.

7 months ago
Bard, Scotland | Meet the Founders

Hugo Macdonald and James Stevens on their gallery and shop in Leith, Edinburgh. 

7 months ago
In the Studio with Hopewood Baskets

Alice Vincent meets the duo sustaining ancient willow weaving techniques.

8 months ago
Creative Traditions | Our Christmas Windows

Inspired by our festive theme, floral designer Paula Ellis has created sculptural installations.

11 months ago
Creative Traditions | Make and Share a Patchwork Stocking

Repurposing remnant fabrics as we approach the festive season.

11 months ago
Tracing the History of Furoshiki

We discover the origins of the Japanese practice of wrapping objects in cloth.

11 months ago
Rosa Harradine | New Makers

Creating brushes from natural fibres in Carmarthen, Wales.

1 year ago
Reesha Zubair | New Makers

Creating hand-built ceramic vessels in Bristol.

1 year ago
Rose Pearlman | New Makers

Creating tactile bags in Brooklyn, New York.

1 year ago
Samuel Alexander | New Makers

The woodworker on creating his fruit-inspired spoons and vessels.

1 year ago
Dalia James | New Makers

The London-based creative on her striking weavings.

1 year ago
Meet the 2022 New Makers | Emerging Craft

Celebrating and supporting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

1 year ago
In the Studio with Ceramicist Nicola Gillis

The Brighton-based potter creating everyday pieces intended for contemplative moments. 

1 year ago
Repair & Revive | Three Sashiko Mending Stories

We trace the narratives behind a selection of pieces mended through our free mending service, TOAST Repair.

1 year ago