TOAST Circle

Fostering longevity, celebrating the art of repair and connecting with our community over treasured pieces

For over 25 years we have honoured the importance of timeless design and quality, long-lasting garments. We are guided by the beauty of craft, creating pieces from quality materials with a richness of texture, and deeply value the time and attention behind each of our garments.

Through TOAST Circle, we explore resourceful ways to keep our garments in use for longer, helping you to play a part in conscious consumption.

Our circular initiatives include TOAST Renewed, our collection of creatively repaired pieces.

TOAST Renewed

Our new collection of creatively repaired pieces that have been given a new lease of life, for increased longevity.

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Social Conscience

We are keenly aware of our impact on people and the planet. By looking at our impact areas, we have set out a roadmap to enrich and educate, contribute through collaboration, cherish our materials and minimise our waste.

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