James Seaton, Toast's co-founder and Creative Director has written words to photographs taken byNicholas James Seatonon our autumn/winter 2013 shoot in Canada.

By dawn light, where the river divides to west and east, the water deep, slow flowing. Big shapes take their stately progress across the land - the St Lawrence Seaway, two and a half thousand miles from lakes to sea.

The docks were quiet. To the west Montral rose, high buildings reflecting the morning sun back at us. The beauty of details, unintended; rhythms of tone and mass in stacks of weathered containers; piles of steel rails waiting to be shipped west; layers of paint fading to zincy rust on warehouse doors.

By evening light: the bright cranes; the great buildings criss-crossed with conveyor corridors - a vast abstract composition full of raw rhythms expressing... what? The vigour and optimism of 20th century industry? All lying quiet now. Overhead, FARINE FIVE ROSES flashes gently on and off in tones of vermillion, soft against the dusk.

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