The Flower Appreciation Society have just released their delightful new book - 'An A to Z of All Things Floral'. As long term friends of founders Anna and Ellie, we invited them on to the Toast Travels blog to share two tutorials from their new book - 'Delicious Flowers' and 'Cake Flowers'...


Scatter a punnet of colourful, mixed edible flowers ontop of a cake, instantly transforming a boring sponge intoa feast for the eyes.

Stick them in jelly why not try raspberry, gin and violet,or elderflower and geranium jelly?

Freeze borage flowers in your ice tray with water for aglorious surprise at the bottom of your glass.

Add nasturtiums and cornflowers to brighten up any salad.

Mix chive flowers into your mayonnaise and serve withpotatoes and a lovely piece of grilled fish.


While on the hunt for new ways to decorate cakes with flowers we came up with this simple idea

Take two single-tiered cake stands and place one on top of the other. There will be a gap in between the two stands which you will eventually fill with flowers. Cut chunks of soaked floristry foam to fit the size of this gap and wedge them in. Stick a selection of marvellous blooms of all shapes and sizes into the foam, covering it completely in a floral blanket. Then simply place your cake on the top stand not only will your flowers stay fresh all day but they also won't get in the way of cutting the cake!

A cake stand doesn't only have to be for cakes: Try placing a colourful jelly, stack of profiteroles or a pineapple on top of the stand. If fake flowers are easier to get hold of, use them instead of real ones.

Book 'The Flower Appreciation Society - An A to Z of All Things Floral' is available to purchase from Amazon here.

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