OAS with Jamie Seaton, founder and creative director.

How would you describe the design aesthetic of OAS?

The letters OAS stand for Ordinary Attire Studio; are also the three letters at the heart of the word Toast; and we come back to the phrase the tactility of utility'. All these thoughts lead us to the aesthetic - simplicity, durability, wear-ability: workwear reinterpreted for easy, everyday wear in the modern world.

You have travelled the world. Where did you source the inspiration for the latest OAS collection?

For Toast our attention wanders where it will. OAS is more specific. Among other things, we look at old workwear from Japan and Europe, particularly that which is designed more for function than for aesthetics. But it's only a starting point.

What do the fabrics say about the collection?

Integrity. The simpler the design, the more the quality of fabric will make the garment.

How does OAS differ from Toast?

OAS is more specific and very aware of its core values. Toast too is aware of its core values but one of them is giving itself permission to play, to take flights of fancy.

What is the item from this collection that you love the most?

I can't say. I like it all. I don't believe in favouritism.

View the latest from OAS; our collection of workwear-inspired clothing.

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