What is more innocently joyful than swimming in a warm sea on a sunny day? From the moment, diving in, one's head hits the water, the sudden coolness and sense of being in an entirely other but benign environment, the rise to the surface to wipe the salty wash from your face and to see your friends watching from the boat how is it? is it warm? It's gorgeous! Come on in!

How the mothering sea takes your weight and thus, by magical metaphorical action, eases your cares. Splash about or swim fast and purposefully or as slowly and silently as you can, watching your breath as carefully as though meditating. Turn somersaults in the water. Spot a rock or islet or moored boat and strike out for it, relishing the water's support, your ease in it. Dive down and register, through blurry vision, the deep and lovely blue depths then turn on your back and look up at the mirror-like surface, all sparkling with sunlight.

And, when feeling replete, swim back to shore and a dry towel, find some sun-dappled place and watch or, eyes closed, only listen: the lapping of the waves, the soft breeze, the play of light and shade across closed eyelids: all the world, your place in it.

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Words by Jamie Seaton.

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