Blue-flowered flax makes linen.

Fine white linen for the robes of Pharoahs.

Great linen sails on wooden ships:

How audacious is life for a plant to be grown for the purpose of catching the winds

and the storms Out of so small a seed springs a means of carrying the world to and fro

Pliny the Elder, Naturalis Historia , c.7779 A.D.

Stretched and primed linen taking the paint of Titian,

Velasquez, Picasso, Rothko...

Strong linen grain sacks, dusty blue or red-striped,

bringing wheat from the Ukraine to Paris, Berlin...

Linen smocks for farm workers hand-woven and

finely hand-stitched, bleached off-white or,

in Southern France, dark indigo-dyed.

Cool, white linen sheets on your bed.

Cool linen garments on a summer's day.

*The Ancient Egyptians knew linen as 'woven moonlight'

Moriko Overshirt. Easy button through shirt in a light, textured linen. £115

Linen/Cotton Hammam Towel £26. Also shown - Linen Herringbone Towels

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Words by Emily Mears

Photography . Alice Gao

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