Veta Vera Accessories

Baskets and bird nesters handwoven by artisans in Bolga, Ghana. Each design is crafted from Veta Vera Grass, a resilient material that grows in the region. The weavers are from ten communities across Bolga and are part of a cooperative, supported by Frafra Baskets, a company which focuses on preserving traditional techniques.

Bolga Laundry Basket

CAD 330.00
Size: One Size

Lidded laundry basket handwoven by artisans in Bolga, Ghana, supported by Frafra Baskets. Made from undyed Veta Vera grass, exclusively for TOAST. Shipped pressed inwards from the artisans in Ghana, to save space. To reshape it, simply sprinkle water on the entire basket, straighten by hand and allow it to dry on a flat surface.


Veta Vera grass. Brush clean. Spraying the basket with water every couple of years is recommended so it does not go brittle. The key is always make sure it dries well afterwards.
Made in Ghana.
Approx. H 51cm x W 48cm.

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