Mini Fluted Moroccan Glasses Set

CAD 55.00
Size: One Size

Set of six mini hand-blown glasses made in Morocco from recycled glass. Shaped to a fluted silhouette with thick walls, slight warps, marks and air bubbles, which are traces of the artisanal process.


Hand wash. Recycled glass.
Made in Morocco.
Approx. H 8cm x D8cm 150ml.

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The Making of Our Moroccan Glassware

Our Moroccan glassware is hand-blown from recycled glass at the Beldi Country Club in Marrakesh, the last factory in the country to produce blown glass. The group of 60 artisans create glasses, bottles and bowls using traditional techniques. 

The glass is blown using an oxygen and gas flame, with any waste from the process melted down in a furnace to be used again. Approximately two tons of glass are recycled each day, with the green glass being repurposed from beer bottles. As the molten glass is shaped, subtle bubbles and marks appear, making each piece unique.

For 15 years, the Beldi Country Club has worked to preserve other traditional crafts alongside hand-blown glass, including weaving, pottery and embroidery.