Splatter Enamelware

Our porcelain-infused enamelware is handcrafted for outdoor or indoor use, decorated with an expressive splatter pattern which varies from piece to piece. The bowls and mugs are durable and versatile and may feature small black marks underneath the rim as subtle relics of the firing process.

Splatter Enamel Salad Bowl

CAD 70.00
Size: One Size

Durable and smooth, porcelain-infused enamel salad bowl for the kitchen, for camping, or as you will. With a splatter pattern that varies from piece to piece. With a small amount of colour variation from batch to batch.

If you drop enamelware, it may chip but it won’t break. If the outer porcelain layer chips, the steel beneath it naturally oxidises and the enamelware remains safe to use.


Dishwasher safe. Enamel. As our enamelware is handcrafted, there may be small black marks underneath the rim which are created by the tongs and hangers used during the firing process.
Made in Turkey.
D 26cm.

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