Veta Vera Storage Basket

CAD 120.00
Size: One Size

Open weave storage basket handwoven by artisans in Bolga, Ghana, supported by Frafra Baskets. Made from undyed Veta Vera grass which grows locally, also known as elephant grass.

Shipped pressed inwards from the artisans in Ghana. To reshape it, simply sprinkle water on the entire basket, straighten it by hand and allow it to dry on a flat surface.


Veta Vera glass. Brush clean. Spraying the basket with water every couple of years is recommended so it does not go brittle. The key is always make sure it dries well afterwards.
Made in Ghana.
Approx. D 35cm x H 28cm.

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Traditional Weaving with Frafra Baskets

Our baskets and bird nesters are handwoven by artisans in Bolga, Ghana, from Veta Vera Grass, a resilient material that grows in the region. Also known as ‘Elephant Grass’, its continued use in craft reflects a time-honoured tradition practised by Ghanaian women for generations.

The artisans are supported by Frafra Baskets, a collective ensuring fair wages and ethical working coniditions for 150 weavers from 10 different communities around Bolga. Veta Vera grass is harvested from central Ghana, dried and transported to Bolga, where the strands are unpicked and weaving begins.

Crafting a single basket takes an artisan between 2-5 days, starting from the base and moving upward with meticulous care. Finally, handles made from locally sourced goat leather are attached.