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By Beth Kirby; stylist, photographer, writer and recipe developer. Why we like it? Beth's ability to capture the beauty of our daily lives; simple, sustainable and present...

Image credit: Rose Meringues -Beth - Local Milk

My philosophy is that regarding the quotidian as art down to the detail renders so much more out of life. That's the aim of my work be it baking a pie, writing prose, styling a photo shoot or just a table, arranging foraged florals, hosting a gathering, teaching a workshop, or cooking a dinner. I strive to appreciate every scent, every texture, every season, every taste. Even something as simple as a fresh garbage bag that I didn't have to change myself. I want to love my sugar bowl and my toothpaste, what I learn from conflict and from a weeping meringue. Sometimes beauty is very ugly, and sometimes the ugly is very beautiful. Beth Kirby


AND NORTH' is a curated guide to upstate New York for creative individuals'. Why we like it? NYC off the beaten track; out-of-season hiking trails through New York State Parks, little-known eateries and artisan workshops.

Image credit:Zack Roif and Dane Issac

Image credit: Brushland Eating House. Photo byKatie Lobel


A modern, witty and authentic look at the art of being a woman'. Why we like it? For the blog's 'CONFIDANT' section; real life issues - coping with stress, tough love, friendship, motherhood and self esteem.

Image credits: Above - Darling Magazine - images via Hazel & Pine. Hero image credit: Darling Magazine. Photo by Sabrina Klomp.


A lifestyle blog from Brighton. Why we like it? Emma Harris' quiet appreciation for simple style, interiors, and her two girls Elvia and Dottie.

Image credit: Emma Harris - A Quiet Style


Alice Gao recently shot a 'white on white' feature for our TOAST Spring book. She was a pleasure to work with and captured the essence of TOAST with ease.The title to her blog, "Lingered Upon," is taken from one of her favourite T.S. Eliot poems, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock."

Image credit: Alice Gao - Lingered Upon

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